Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the Installation of PEACE Submarine Fibre optic cable in Kenya territorial waters up to the Kenya Beach Manhole in Nyali, Mombasa County

Telkom Kenya Ltd, the landing party of in Kenya for the Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) submarine fibre Optic Cable, appointed Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd, a registered Firm of Environmental Experts to carry out the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study for the proposed installation and operation of PEACE submarine fibre optic Cable. The Study project was for the 27km in Kenya Territorial Waters/Kenya economic Zones (EPZ) from the Kenya international Maritime boundary to Nyali Beach Manhole. The project consisted of marine and terrestrial components. The marine component entailed carrying out the study for installation and operation of the PEACE submarine cable for distance totaling to 26.583km from Kenya’s maritime boundary, through Kenya Territorial Waters/Kenya economic Zones to the Nyali Beach Manhole.

Moreover, the cable was to a further another 1.7kms from the beach via the edges of existing roads to the Nyali Telkom House. The cable to The cable was expected to traverse along the Mombasa marine reserve which is within the jurisdiction of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) hence the report was done with total due deligince in the conservation of marine Life and coral reefs. In Carrying the ESIA Study our company went ahead and even developed an Biodiversity Management plan in relation to the installation of Submarine Fibre Cable through the Marine park Reserve. The objective of the study was to comply with the Environmental Management and Coordination Act, 1999 (Revised, 2015). The cable will connect Asia, Africa and Europe, providing open, flexible and carrier-neutral services for its customers. Through the company unlimited expertise and competence in the areas submarine fibre optic cable, the project was successfully completed and the client awarded with NEMA Project permit License (ESIA license) to undertake the installation and operation of Submarine fibre optic cable in Keya Territory waters.


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