Resettlement Action Plan

For all projects that involve involuntary resettlement, a Resettlement Action Plan is required. The purpose of a resettlement action plan is to specify all resettlement arrangements and the measures for avoiding, minimizing, or compensating losses or other negative social impacts resulting from resettlement. It establishes the basis for the agreement with the affected parties. Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd has the capability of:- 

  1. Undertaking a socio-economic survey of the communities along project area; 
  2. Conducting a census of the affected persons, including identification of any vulnerable groups and indigenous populations; 
  3.  Develop an eligibility criteria and establish a cut-off date;
  4. Evaluating and preparing an inventory of the affected properties/persons; 
  5.  Evaluating all other socio-economic costs; 
  6. Conducting public consultations/awareness creation of the relevant stake-holders taking into consideration the gender concerns and vulnerable groups;
  7.  Identification of alternative relocation sites, where affected persons might have to be resettled;
  8. Developing adequate livelihood restoration mechanisms;
  9. Preparation of implementation schedule;
  10. Developing of a monitoring and evaluation methodology;
  11. Taking into account all the relevant legal provisions for land acquisition and resettlement during preparation of an appropriate re-settlement action plan;
  12. Preparing and submitting a comprehensive resettlement action plan; and
  13. Developing a conflict resolution mechanism.


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