Strategic Environment Assessment

Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd offers professional consultancy services in areas of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) services. Our team have extensive experiences in the area of undertaking SEA and understand the development context of the strategy being assessed to identify problems and potentials, address key trends appropriately, and assess environmental and sustainable viable options (i.e., that act cautiously or prevent risks and stimulate opportunities) that will achieve strategic objectives.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is the systematic process by which environmental considerations are required to be fully integrated into the preparation of plans and programmes prior to their final adoption.  It provides means for looking at cumulative effects and appropriately address them at the earliest stage of decision making alongside economic and social considerations. SEA, in a strategic thinking approach, has three very concrete objectives:- 

  1. Encourage environmental and sustainability integration (including biophysical, social, institutional and economic aspects), setting enabling conditions to nest future development proposals; 
  2. Add-value to decision-making, discussing opportunities and risks of development options and turning problems into opportunities; 
  3.  Change minds and create a strategic culture in decision-making, promoting institutional cooperation and dialogues, avoiding conflicts;

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