Noise Monitoring and Assessment Services

An occupational and environmental noise assessment aims to identify, measure, and analyses sources of environmental noise in order to make recommendations with regard to regulatory compliance and the comfort of the workplace or resident. A noise assessment is a detailed measurement and monitoring of levels of sound in the area or workplace under assessment. World Health Organization (WHO) defines environmental noise is noise emitted by all sources within an environment, other than noise generated in the workplace. The assessment will determine the frequency and amplitude of the sound in the air to provide the required information for a noise risk assessment.

Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd is a leading provider of Environmental and Occupational Noise monitoring to clients for many years since its inception. Our specialist consultants have many years of practical experience and expertise in assessing your needs in terms of current noise-related legislation. Our Consultancy provides independent professional and practical advice on your duties under these regulations. Our Consultants will identify and assess the risks posed by noise in your environment in accordance with all current Kenya or any other country noise legislation and current best practice. Our Occupational and Environmental Noise Assessment services include:-

  1.  Comprehensive noise surveys in areas of occupational and environmental monitoring; 
  2. Noise monitoring, measurement and reporting;
  3. Comprehensive noise report with key recommendations; 
  4.   Quantitative noise risk assessments;
  5.  Noise consultancy to ensure legislative compliance; 
  6.  Noise awareness training; 


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