Air Quality Monitoring

Air pollutants are gases or particles in the atmosphere which have been linked to harmful human health or environmental effects. Most of the air pollutants can be categorized according to their formation i.e. either primary or secondary, their sources, and their chemical composition and characteristics. Primary pollutants are released directly into the atmosphere while secondary pollutants are formed through reactions between pollutants already present in the atmosphere, also known as precursors. Fine particulate matter (particles smaller than 2.5 µm in aerodynamic diameter) which is both a primary and secondary pollutant. These particles can be formed directly through combustion processes, including activities involving wood-burning or vehicle engines, and can also be formed through reactions between pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and sulfur oxides (SOx). Ground-level ozone is a secondary pollutant that is formed through reactions between NOx and VOCs in the presence of sunlight.

Air quality impacts both the environment and health. Air quality management aims to limit negative impacts through a variety of activities, including legislation, policies and plans to manage emissions and monitor ambient air quality. Environtech Consultancy Africa offers independent consultanyc service in the areas of Air Quality Assessment and monitoring:-    

  1.  Ambient air and source emission monitoring; 

  2.  Monitoring industrial emissions; 

  3.  Measuring and monitoring dust levels; 

  4.  Monitoring vapour (VOCs) and particulate levels; 

  5.  Air quality assessments for environmental appraisals, environmental statements, and public inquiries; 

  6. Consultancy for pollution prevention and pollution control systems;

  7.  Implementation and management of air quality and emissions monitoring programs;

  8.  Assessment of air quality impacts from road traffic;

  9.   Air quality monitoring; 


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