Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd (ECA) is a multi-sectorial global consulting firm offering professional premium quality Environmental, & Occupational Health & Safety services to both private and public sectors. Tackling today’s complex and interconnected Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) problems requires knowledge and expertise across multiple disciplines. Our multi-disciplinary consultancy Services delivers tailored and comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management consulting and compliance services to various multi-sectorial clients not only in Kenya but globally in the following sectors:-

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA/EIA) is a mandatory requirement for major development projects.

Environmental Compliance Auditing

Environmental Compliance Auditing Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd is engaged and devoted to helping our clients achieve environmental compliance by

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Strategic Environment Assessment Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd offers professional consultancy services in areas of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) services.

Resettlement Action Plan(RAP)

Resettlement Action Plan For all projects that involve involuntary resettlement, a Resettlement Action Plan is required. The purpose of

Occupational Health and Safety Audit(OHSA)

Occupation Health and Safety Audit As part of our integrated services, Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd provide offers comprehensive solutions

Fire and Safety Audit

Fire and Safety Audit The most essential element of any fire safety management system is the audit process. The

Workplace Risk Assessment

Workplace Risk Assessment is defined as a systematic process of identifying hazards and evaluating any associated risks within a

Noise monitoring and Assessment Services

Noise Monitoring and Assessment Services An occupational and environmental noise assessment aims to identify, measure, and analyses sources of

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring Air pollutants are gases or particles in the atmosphere which have been linked to harmful human

Water Quality Analysis

Water Quality Monitoring Water testing is an essential element of public and environmental safety and a requirement bound by

Geographic Information System

Geographic Information System Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd provides numerous GIS services to its clients all over Kenya, Africa and

Waste Management Consultancy

Waste Management Consultancy Rapidly expansion of economies coupled with rapid growth in the population is resulting in a significant reduction

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