Waste Management Consultancy

Rapidly expansion of economies coupled with rapid growth in the population is resulting in a significant reduction of Natural resources and increased generation of waste Additionally, the widespread accumulation of solid wastes, poor management coupled with poor disposal of waste poses major environmental and serious health problems. It’s therefore imperative in having comprehensive waste management systems for systematic waste reduction and management. Proper management of waste remains one of the key essential for building a sustainable environment for any organization.

We at Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd, Our multi-disciplinary team of experts and our many years of experience in waste management ensures that we take a more holistic view when tackling waste management problems. Our expertise and knowledge at developing different approaches to even the most complex of waste management challenges, position us to be the lead consultants in areas of integrated waste management consultancy Services. Our broad range of expertise and services covers the whole waste collection and disposal cycle, and all types of waste, including domestic, municipal, commercial, clinical, industrial, electrical, and hazardous waste. Our broad range of Consultancy services in the area of waste management include the following:-  

  1.  Solid Waste Management including municipal, Domestic, Hazardous, and Pharmaceutical Waste; 
  2. Developing of Waste Management Strategic Plans;
  3. Waste Audits, Reduction plans, and Reporting; 
  4.   Designing of Collection and transportation schemes; 
  5.  Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of wastes;
  6.  Environmental Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation of  Various Waste Management sites and facilities; 
  7. Feasibility and due diligence studies; 
  8. Waste Assessments and Compliance Auditing; 
  9.  Waste Minimization and Recycling Assessments; 
  10.  Development and review of waste policies and regulations; 
  11.  Development and Drafting of Integrated Waste Management Plans;
  12.  Baseline survey on waste generations; 

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