Water Quality Monitoring

Water testing is an essential element of public and environmental safety and a requirement bound by stringent regulatory conditions. By undertaking water analysis, you can minimize risk and the potentially damaging impact both Environmental and Healthwise. In collaboration with most certified laboratories, Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd offers a comprehensive range of water analysis services for drinking water, ground and surface water, and wastewater throughout Kenya and Africa continent at large.  We offer a comprehensive range of water analysis services to help you fulfill your regulatory requirements and health requirements which include the following services:- 

  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing and Analysis; 
  • Wastewater (Effluents) Analysis and Testing; 
  •  Physical and chemical properties testing; 
  • Water Chemistry Testing; 
  •  Pesticide Testing & Analysis; 
  • Hydrocarbon Testing;
  •  Pesticide Testing & Analysis;


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