Workplace Risk Assessment is defined as a systematic process of identifying hazards and evaluating any associated risks within a workplace, then implementing reasonable control measures to remove or reduce them. It is a primary management tool in ensuring the health and safety of workers and others at the workplace. Employers have always to take the necessary measures for workers’ safety and health protection, including the prevention of occupational risks. Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd has the necessary registered professionals risk assessor with extensive years of workplace risk assessment.  We offer this service to your company to help improve your workplace’s safety and enhance your employees’ quality of life. Our multidisciplinary Health and Safety (HS) specialists offer various services to help businesses ensure compliance with current HS regulations and advice. We provide the correct balance of best practice and essential risk assessments, management plans, and testing to ensure your organization is fully prepared to face the duties of Health and Safety compliance. Working with our specialists, you can be assured your workplace exposure risk assessments will be accurate and cost-effective, allowing you to better manage your resources and returns on your prevention investments. Our Services include

We offer a comprehensive range of service in workplace Risk Assessment include the following:- 

 Hazard identification – One of the essential elements of the health and safety management system is hazard identification. This is the process of examining each work area and works task for the purpose of identifying all the hazards which are “inherent in the job” Our team will systematically identify, evaluate, list and characterise all potential workplace hazards connected to planned or existing processes and operations. Identifying potential hazards and managing risks to health and safety is essential in ensuring a safe working environment. Our multidisciplinary Health and Safety inspect your workplace day-to-day operations and process changes to identify conditions, objects, activities and/or events that may pose a threat to personnel, materials, equipment or structures, thus reducing productivity

 Risk assessment – Our highly experienced team helps in evaluation of any associated risks within a workplace, then implementing reasonable control measures to remove or reduce them the overall process of hazard identification, risk analysis, and risk evaluation.; 

 Identification of risk groups – one hazard may be categorized in more than one risk group. Our experts will help you understand the need for segregation of risk groups to improve the value of your risk assessment and provide a better focus for control activities.; 

 Risk analysis and evaluation – Our team uses both quantitative and qualitative risk analysis to assess the risks associated with each of the hazards identified so the nature of the risk can be understood. We then compare the risk against given risk criteria to determine the significance of the risk. This allows any workplace to quickly prioritize and rank risks.; 

 Risk Control: Our team will help workplace to take actions to eliminate health and safety risks so far as is reasonably practicable. Where risks cannot be eliminated, our team will then help in implementing control measures to minimise risks so far as is reasonably practicable. A hierarchy of controls will be developed to assist in the selection of the most appropriate risk control measure/s.; 

 Periodic Monitoring and Review: Our multidisciplinary Health and Safety (HS) specialists will continuously keep monitoring the hazards identified, risks assessed and risk control processes and reviewing them to make sure they are working effectively.;

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