Occupation Health and Safety Audit

As part of our integrated services, Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd provide offers comprehensive solutions to help your business implement best practices in all areas of occupational Health and Safety (OHS), policy, and procedure through our wide range of health and safety consultancy and advisory services. Our professional team of experts in Occupational Health and Safety advisors helps you to protect workers and the environment, generate customer confidence, enhance your reputation, manage risk and increase business efficiency. Through our services, we promote a safe and healthy workplace by implementing effective systems for the prevention of occupational accidents, diseases, ill-health accidents, and damage to property hence reducing the cost of production and improving productivity in all sectors of our economic activities. We ensure the development of safe, high quality, and environmentally friendly processes in an organization:-  

  1.  Occupational Health and Safety Audits; 
  2. Strategic and operational level reviews/assessments of your health and safety management;
  3. Compliance based gap analysis; 
  4.  Workplace risk assessments;
  5.  Air Quality assessment; 
  6.  Workplace Noise survey 
  7. Comprehensive health and safety training; 


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