Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA) on the proposed fibre extension installation project in Meru area in Laikipia County.

Kinde Engineering Ltd in association with Safaricom Ltd contracted Environtech Consultancy Africa Ltd (ECA) to undertake The proposed optic fibre extension installation project is located in Nanyuki area in Laikipia County covering a total of 12 Kms. The extension installation of the fibre optic cable was done along the road reserves. The part of the fibre optic cable installation in Nanyuki –Laikipia County was an extension of Safaricom network covergage in the whole country. The project has and includes several Spurs and Ducts and affected the following road and street reserves Nairobi Nanyuki Highway, Mt. Kenya road, Nanyuki- Meru Highway, Nanyuki- Rumuti road, Amry Acess Road and Forest Road
The total cost for the installation of 12 kms Safaricom fibre optic cable extension installation project was Ksh 5,372,859.00.
ECA successfully completed the study project and the client was issued with NEMA EIA license permitting Safaricom Ltd to undertake and implement the proposed project.

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