Environmental and social Impacts Assessment (ESIA) of proposed Augmentation of the water distribution system at Site phase II in Nyahururu Town and in Oljabet Town

The project is located in Kibwezi District (Kibwezi Constituency) and lies within longitude 370 49’ 11.14” East and latitude between 2o 17’ 11.21” South. The project entailed laying out a water supply pipeline from Mang’elete underground springs to Mtito Andei covering about 93 km (intake – last point of consumption).
The proposed project entailed the following:
⦁ Pipeline laying
⦁ 6.1 kilometers pipelines G.I/UPVC- Site Phase II in Nyahururu Town
⦁ 10.0 Kilometers Pipelines G.I/UPVC – Oljabet Town
⦁ Construction of road crossings culverts
⦁ Construction of valve chambers
The project was successfully completed leading to issuance of NEMA EIA license permit for the project.

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